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Line Modern is a retail and brand collaborator that develops unique product assortments at retail through refreshed brands, sourcing, product development + design, and execution.

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our process

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From product conceptualization and planning, to design, sourcing, and execution, each step of our process builds on the last—partnering with each brand to achieve a smooth product roll-out that's on time and within budget.

Our Services

White Space Identification
Assortment Planning
Macro Trends
Market, Consumer, + Retail Intelligence
Product Innovation

Bring Your Vision to Life

Product Ideation
Product Design
Trend + Styleguides
Product Engineering
3D Rendering + Printing
Packaging Creation

Get Ready to Launch

Brand Guidelines
Product Objectives
Customer Profiles
Product Protocols
Packaging Standards
Assortment Reviews

The Market is Waiting

Comprehensive Factory Matrix
Factory Screening + Auditing
Social Compliance
Cost Negotiation
Cost Analysis + Validation
Sample Approvals
Product Testing

We're The Right Partners

Project Management + Timelines
Factory Compliance
Quality Control
Product Inspection
Freight Forwarder Bookings
Retailer Audits

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Why Line Modern?

Our advantages

Diverse + vetted supplier network

With a full book of trusted supplier contacts, we work with you to mitigate risk.

Experienced + credentialed

With 60+ years in the industry, we have backgrounds in architecture, product design, and engineering to help the small details make a large impact.

Flexible + Nimble

Without the markup of larger firms, we're flexible to meet your budget and deadlines, while being highly creative.

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