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Imagine having a partner with expertise in a full range of conceptualization, implementation, and delivery. We offer creative design, breadth of trusted sourcing capabilities, as well as full production + delivery options to help your product scale the right way.

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Working through complex product life cycle management requires a well-thought plan.

Taking your unique idea, we carefully help you articulate every important detail to give your product space to fully become even better than you've envisioned — walking with you every step of the way. We'll work with you on:

• White Space Identification
• Assortment Planning
• Macro Trends
• Market, Consumer, + Retail Intelligence
• Branding
• Product Innovation

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We work hard to ensure superior product quality & reliable delivery with our carefully managed supplier network

Our flexible process gives our customers the opportunity to develop innovative products for any industry at a value.

From the colors that make up your brand logo to the emotions your product pulls from its intended audience, we build an experience into your product that inspires connection.  We'll help you scale with:

• Product Ideation
• Product Design
• Trend + Styleguides
• Product Engineering
• Prototyping
• 3D Rendering + Printing
• Sampling
• Packaging Creation


product development & design


Private label

We take a consultancy approach to customize products for your private label brand’s demographics.

The best private label product creation happens with a partner that can anticipate and move fluidly through your brand's development requirements and timelines. Move your business and customers forward with our innovative solutions that help you not just bring a product to market — but find the gap your competition is missing. We navigate private label intricacies:

• Brand Guidelines
• Product Objectives
• Customer Profiles 
• Product Protocols 
• Packaging Standards
• Assortment Reviews

we're experts in

diverse product types

Our strength lies in our comprehensive factory matrix which allows us to cross categories and incorporate a diverse range of materials, including sustainable options.

Sourcing capabilities

we diligently vet new socially responsible resources and cultivate our long-standing relationships to ensure the highest standards.

The right partners can help get your product to market more efficiently. With a diverse book of connections and experience, we lower risk and elevate your position to profitability—quicker than the rest.  We'll help you with:

• Comprehensive Factory Matrix
• Factory Screening + Auditing
• Social Compliance
• Cost Negotiation
• Cost Analysis + Validation
• Sample Approvals
• Product Testing





We have extensive knowledge in supply chain management and manufacturing from boutique to large volume retailers.

Once your vision has come to life, we'll take your fully designed product into the market with ease — without the pain points you'd experience on your own. We'll manage these details:

• Production Timelines & Scheduling
• Factory Compliance
• Quality Control
• Product Inspection
• Freight Forwarder Bookings
• Retailer Audits

Strong relationships

The right factory partner matters. Retail is competitive and we know our clients need quality & value. At Line Modern, we foster strong factory relationships to ensure the best possible product is delivered to you.

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